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Natural surroundings of the watchpoint

Located in the northeast of the département Moselle, from Metz to the German border, the Lorraine Plateau shows a homogeneous landscape intersected by the Seille, Nied an Saar valleys. This is a rural region with many single-street villages, typical of the Lorraine region. Most farms are 100 hectares (247.105 acres) and over. These include cattle breeding farms, small dairies and wheat farms.
The sloping landscape rises gently east of the village until it drops into the forested Lorraine coal basin and the Saar water catchment area. The parish of Obervisse is strung out along that ridge and the village itself is nested in a small valley, below the highest point (406 m – 1332 ft) of the eastern Moselle region. The Maginot Line, a line of defenses France constructed along its borders with Germany, in the run-up to World War II, stretches from north to south and offers a nice view on the Saar valley.
History of the survey
In 1988, a handful of LPO members formed an environmental youth group. Children and adolescents crossed the countryside to learn about nature. During our Sunday outings, we watched migration at Obervisse. More experienced birders and ringers from LPO Lorraine confirmed the importance of the watchpoint. Sadly, the local movement dissolved and the watchpoint faded into oblivion...
Ornithological interest, emblematic species
During the early years, we noticed passerine migration between mid September and the end of October. Although numbers varied depending on the weather, there were some memorable counts, such as that sunny October morning with no less than 12000 Chaffinches and 14000 Skylarks flying over our heads. Some days, the migratory flow was so intense that it was difficult to keep up with the pace. Other species counted in numbers include Woodlark, Brambling, Meadow Pipit and Woodpigeon. Twice a year, Crane and White Stork migration dominated he discussion among village elders. Soaring raptors attracted the attention of the migration watchers.
With the growing interest in renewable energy, many wind farms have sprung up on the Lorraine plateau, and their impact on bird migration needs to be carefully monitored.
From the autumn of 2009 we want to share the joy of birdwatching and assess the importance of the migratory flow in Moselle.
During the start-up of the project, migration counts may still be irregular. Our association, however, aims to organize a regular migration survey in the coming months… Anyone interested to join us, can count on the presence and motivation of the local birders. If you want to visit the watchpoint, please contact the association A.M.I.E. Nature.
From Metz, take the motorway A4, towards Strasbourg and take the exit Boulay. Follow the D25, towards Saint-Avold for 8 km, until you reach a crossroads. Take left to the village of Obervisse.
Cross the hamlet and take the road up the «  Biesterlik ». From here, you will enjoy a remarkable view on the Saar and Warndt valleys…
Association A.M.I.E. NATURE (Animation Multiple d’Initiation à l’Environnement)
VisioNature est un outil développé avec la collaboration du réseau LPO. Grâce aux technologies Internet, débutants, amateurs et professionnels naturalistes, peuvent partager en temps réel leur découverte et ainsi améliorer la connaissance et la protection de la faune

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