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Col de Saales - Grande-Fosse (La), Vosges (88)
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The environment and natural setting of the site

The col de Saales is set in the heart of the Vosges Mountains. The wachtpoint lies on the boundary between la Grande Fosse (88) and Saales (67) with a view over the valleys of la Fave and la Bruche. It is oriented on a southeast/northwest axis with the high peaks of the Vosges range (> 1000 m) at about 15 km distance to the east. There are three mountain ranges near the col with Ormont to the west and Climont and Voyemont to the east. So far, there are only migration counts in spring. When birds migrate against the wind (N to NE) bird migration is more pronounced and viewing conditions are better. In a weak wind, birds migrate higher and over a wide front.   

History of the site

A  few days in 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2011 show interesting passerine migration in spring (finches and thrushes).

Ornithological interest

The species composition is similar to that of col du Plafond nearby (some 20 km to the SW) in autumn.    


March is probably the most interesting month in spring. Autumn counts are lacking so far but may be best between September and November.  


There are no regular counts and there is no visitor accommodation at the site.   


From Saint-Dié : take the direction of Strasbourg along the D1420. Take the first road to the left before the village of Saales on the higher part of the col. Continue 300 m and turn right near a house. The watchpoint is some 50 m from here (locality: “Salveny”).

From Strasbourg : take the direction of Saint-Dié along the D1420. Take the first road to the right beyond the village of Saales.  Follow this road for some 300 m and turn right near a house. The watchpoint is some 50 m from here (locality: “Salveny”).

Nearby facilities

Saales has a wide offer of holiday cottages, restaurants and hotels


If you want to register data online, you can contact Vincent Palomares or Grégory Haas Observations can by sent by post to

  • Centre Ornithologique Lorrain (COL)5, rue de Nancy, 54690 Lay-Saint-Christophe
  • LPO Alsace 8, rue Adèle Riton, 67000 Strasbourg
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