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  • The data owner is the author or the organizer of the survey; he or she only is responsible and authorized to allow access to resources under his or her responsibility  
  • Any association or observer entering data has a unique confidential access code to his or her own raw data  
  • Any association or observer entering data can modify or even delete his or her own data autonomously at any time  
  • Public access to data of any particular migration site is limited to cumulative data and in no case to unprocessed data  
  • Any association or independent observer entering data is provided with the option of hiding specific data or confidential information thereby limiting access to him or her only  
  • The creators and administrators of the web site and the data base commit themselves under any circumstances not to spread registered data from this data base without the written consent of the owners  
  • All the users of the data base commit themselves to respect this charter. Its acceptance is a conditio sine qua non for registration. 
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